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FPWI About


What we do

FPWI is a modest design studio run by myself, Patrick Fritsch, I specialize in residential and small commercial building design with a focus on energy efficiency and resilience. I design simple, modern, site-specific homes inspired by British Columbia’s rugged surroundings, humble materials, vernacular building forms, and employ a rustic-modernist esthetic.

Incorporated since 2005 I have completed several new construction and renovation projects. 

A Sustainable future

Design that respects our environment

With global warming becoming an ever more intense reality that we are all feeling, I found it necessary as the only responsible response to incorporate energy efficiency into all my future home designs. This led me to train in Passive House design principles with Passive House Canada. It is a proven building standard that lowers buildings operating energy in a simple to understand “envelope first” approach. Paying attention to the embodied carbon of our selected building materials and components is also becoming essential to measure and will be another tool to design more environmentally friendly buildings. I believe all homes should and can be built better…today.

A project begins with a meaningful question

How can…

How can we build the best home for ourselves?

What if…

What if your home could be;

  • Comfortable no matter if it is too hot or cold outside.
  • Energy Efficient no matter if you’re in a heating or cooling season.
  • Consistently supplied with fresh clean air no matter if there is smog or forest fires outside.
  • Provide excellent indoor air quality year-round with continuous ventilation.
  • Build-able within your available budget.
  • Built today to safeguard your investment by being relevant despite future building code energy requirements.
  • Stress tested to be resilient to future extreme fluctuations in temperature.
  • And in the larger picture, your build could be responsible toward the environment.

I believe in integrating these attributes as good design practice, if all this is important to you, let’s talk.