Below is an outline of the steps we’ll be taking together as we design your home. This process is meant to be fun, engaging, and representative of you.

The phases are sequential, and they build on the work completed and agreed to in each preceding phase. We start with the general and refine the design to the very specific. There’s lot of decisions along the way and this gradation organizes those decisions into manageable portions.

I think the best outcomes are the result of following each of the steps below to completion.

Renovations will generally follow the same Design process as above but will sometimes add Existing conditions survey and As-Built drawing creation to the Pre-Design Phase. An Infrared thermal-imaging & moisture meter survey may be done to detect thermal bridging and moisture damage within the envelope at Pre-Design Phase. At the beginning of the Construction Phase there will usually be a demolition/decontamination period before the new works can start. Other times demolition is broken into logical steps during construction.
To create a successful Passive House project, it's best to begin at the outset of the design. Adapting a design that has already started may require a client to revisit previous design decisions to maximize energy performance measures.  The Passive House Certification process will add some consultants to a typical house project, notably, Mechanical Engineer & Passive House Certifier. All mechanical systems must be sized, installed and commissioned properly. Documentation must be submitted to the Passive House Institute for certification. It's also best to onboard early on a General Contractor that is enthusiastic about providing High-Performance homes, preferably one that is a Certified Passive House Tradesperson.


Good design is the synthesis of many disparate ideas into a thoughtful whole, and while the steps listed above represent a linear path, the way we arrive at the final design isn’t always linear. It’s an iterative process, which leads to a product; it’s not a known product from the beginning. The product is the result of following the design process to its logical endpoint. This, I believe, is what makes custom design so exciting and memorable – we create it together based on your specific situation and needs. At the end of the process, you’ll have a thoughtfully designed home and the shared experience of designing it.